About Us


Our journey started back in 2012 with a focus on providing IT infrastructure Solutions to our customers.

We started with a small team, focusing on security products. After several iterations, we narrowed down on Unstructured Data Security and Automation of IT infra as our focus areas.

We have built a focussed product portfolio with strong relationships with the OEM's and trained and dedicated engineers to deliver but in class designs and services to our customers.

Our Focus

Our focus is an IT compliance, Security and Infrastructure of Unstructured data in large and diversified conglomerates.

Automating internal processes, organising data, securing data and Analytics around data security is what excites us.


Shreesh Palekar

A leader with a very approachable tone and great team player. Shreesh sets the tone to drive client relationship and requirement across the organization.

Vivek Kapoor

Hands on and practical approach to problem solving is Vivek's forte Mentoring and developing the next level of leaders in the company his focus.

Venkatesh Pal

A team player with an acute and eager mind, Venkatesh drives client relationships. He has a keen sense of finding simple solutions and driving team to excellence.

Fahad Siddique

The youngest member but the most energetic. A great mix of operations experience and business analysis. Fahad drives automation to achieve Operational Excellence.

Bhoomi Gupta

A young dynamic professional, handling operations for Cybersecurity and business analysis. Bhoomi has an excellent ability to manage, motivate and drive the teams in attaining objectives aligned to executive vision.

Individually, we are one drop.
Together, we are an ocean.