What ePrompto Mitra can do for you?

ePrompto Mitra will solve all your technology problems like:

Your Laptop not switching on

Blue dump, operating system error, Repeated reboot, Battery issues

WIFI not working

Extender out of range, signal weak and keeps dropping, ISP issue, Internet not working


Protect banking passwords, Confidential photos, Performance issue, Virus removal, Protect banking statement

Parental Control

Safe browsing, Block unwanted sites, Help configuring systems

Data Recovery Services

Lost files, Deleted Files, Crashed hard disc, Migrate between devices

Data Backup Services

Sync data and photo of all family, Protect confidential and critical data and photos, cloud access

Upgrade Laptop

Get Proper configuration for use, Get recommendation on models, buyback

Troubleshoot Connectivity issue

WIFI extension, Bandwidth sizing, pricing plans recommendation, Configuration of access control

Mobile App related Issue

Backup data, Battery draining too fast, huge data utilization, protect confidential data

Home Automation Configuration

Support for networking in house, Inter-operability between IT and home devices, New device configuration, Smart TV, WIFI enabled AC / Fridge, CCTV, Vendor coordination