Appropriate sizing Laptop/ PC configurations:

  Appropriate sizing  Laptop/ PC configurations:


Appropriate sizing Laptop/ PC configurations:

        Our ITAM (IT asset management) tool provides a way to measure the utilization of the resources available in your organization. With the rapid advances in PC/Laptop technology faster and bigger machines are available. But do we really need them for our business processes.

        In several cases with our clients we helped them bring their cost of Technology refresh down, by giving an assessment of what the employees really needed. Was it a faster CPU, or more RAM, or reducing the onboard storage. Even screen size and weight of the machine has to be taken into consideration. For example for the sales team of one of clients we provided light weight machines, as they travel a lot, but smaller screen sizes and smaller CPU/RAM as they hardly used any guzzling analytical applications.

        Saved nearly 50% cost on what the client was thinking of initially buying off the shelf.

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