How to check if your System is infected with a Computer Virus

How to check if your System is infected with a Computer Virus


How to check if your System is infected with a Computer Virus

Is your Server/System slowing down? Are you facing frequent disruption in your Business due to IT Issues. Relax, lets go through the common symptoms of a Computer virus, how it affects your Business and the steps to be taken to recover from the Incident.

Following are the issues faced if your Server/systems are infected with a Computer Virus.

1.Your Computer Slows Down

One of the most common computer virus symptoms is slow down. You can know that your computer has been affected by malware if your operating system, computer applications, and internet speed begin to slow down.


If your system crash suddenly appears or the infamous Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) appears more often, then it’s obvious that your computer isn’t operating normally and you should check it.

3.Hard Drive Malfunction

In case you have discovered that your hard disk is exhibiting unusually high activity even when you aren’t using it, consider checking for malware.

4.Running Out of Storage Space

Computer virus symptoms can be triggered by numerous malicious software through different methods to fill your storage space and may eventually cause it to crash.

5.Disabled Security Solution

In case your antivirus doesn’t seem to work or if your update module all of a sudden is disabled, make sure that you check what has happened as soon as possible. There are some types of malware that are built to disable computer security solutions and leave your machine defenseless.

6.Unusual Network Activity

Sometimes you may not be connected to the internet, and you aren’t running any applications that can connect themselves to the internet, but you still observe high network activity. Such computer virus symptoms can be confirmed by using a good antivirus.

7.Slow Startup

If your computer suddenly experiences a slow startup most likely it has become infected. There is the typical time your computer takes before it starts and you can note when your computer starts slower than usual.

We at ePrompto, are sharing some tips to ensure that your Business is well-protected from the latest threats.


1)      Install Windows and Antivirus/Anti Spyware updates: Virus and other malware threats easily enter your system when you share data from the infected system and downloading data, software etc from untrustworthy sites.  Later, these threats results in loss of data. Therefore, keep updating antivirus tool and scan system regularly.

2)      Keep Firewall on: While browsing internet turn on the firewall option in browser settings, which you use. This will block you from visiting virus and malware attacked websites.

3)      Keep OS updated: Keeping OS updated you never come across system’s problems and increases system’s performance and throughput.


1)      Don’t Install deceitful utilities:  Installing deceitful applications on the system which may affect file system and other data stored on it. Therefore, before installing any applications make sure that is free from virus and malware threats.

2)      Never download programs from untrusted sites: Want to download a program you’re desperate to try out? Now that we download many of our programs online, virus creators can upload their infected program files in locations designed to look and feel like they are the genuine deal. Whenever possible, download install files via the approved channel – whether that is through the tool’s website, or via their third-party service such as Steam for gaming, or online stores such as the App Store.

3)      Pay attention to virus warnings and notifications: Even the most scrupulous computer virus avoidance techniques can occasionally allow a virus to slip through the net. When that happens, there should be many things which cause an alarm bell to ring in your head. Pay attention to it. The most obvious one being warnings and notifications popping up from your antivirus or Anti-Malware solution.

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