How to purchase the right firewall for your firm

How to purchase the right firewall for your firm


How to purchase the right firewall for your firm

Don’t be tricked by suave marketing and lustrous spec sheets while purchasing a firewall, follow the checklist.

When it comes to network security, firewalls have been the first line of defense for over 20 years. To block emerging threats, the deployment of the right firewall is one of the most important elements in your security infrastructure. 

Here are some tips about that could help you in purchasing the right next-generation firewall (NGFW) that will strengthen your security infrastructure. 

Trusting firewall performance stats could be wrong

Understanding the performance capability of a NGFW needs more than looking at a vendor’s specification or running a bit of traffic through it. Most firewalls will perform well when traffic loads are light. It’s important to see how a firewall responds at scale, particularly when encryption is turned on. Roughly 80 percent of traffic is encrypted today, and the ability to maintain performance levels with high volumes of encrypted traffic is critical.

While testing, make sure to turn on all major functions to check how a firewall will operate in a production setting. Before committing to a vendor, be sure to run tests with as many different types of traffic as possible and with various types of applications. 

source:- CIO Economic Times


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