Microsoft’s Surface Event 2019 Recap

Microsoft’s Surface Event 2019 Recap

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Microsoft’s Surface Event 2019 Recap

Microsoft’s 2019 Surface event has come to a close, and we now have a detailed look of everything the tech giant has in the pipeline in terms of hardware for the upcoming holiday season.

Here’s a quick recap of everything Microsoft announced in New York during the Surface Event.

1)      Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft has unveiled a refreshed Surface Laptop line-up with support for USB-C and for the first time in a Surface-branded device - an AMD (Ryzen 7) processor. Additionally, the third incarnation of the device now comes in a larger 15-inch version, as well as the smaller 13.5-inch version with Intel 10th generation processors.

The Surface Laptop 3 starts at $999 for the smaller unit and $1,199 for the bigger machine.

2)      Surface Pro 7

Microsoft also announced the latest iteration of its Surface Pro devices. The Surface Pro 7 ships with the latest Intel 10th Gen processors and now comes with USB-C support, which replaces the Mini DisplayPort. The Surface Pro 7 is also priced around $150 less than its predecessor, starting at $749.

3)      Surface Pro X

The newest device in the whole family was the all-new Surface Pro X. The Surface Pro X looks similar to the Surface Pro 7, but it’s a completely different beast. The Pro X has a larger 13-inch display, compared to the 12.3-inches on the Pro 7 and it’s around 3mm thinner. It also has a removable solid-state drive that can be swapped in and out.

The Pro X also has a custom-designed, ARM-based Microsoft SQ1 chip that was designed in conjunction with Qualcomm. The Surface Pro X starts at $999 and will ship in November.

4)      Surface Neo

The Surface Neo is a dual-screen PC powered by a new customized operating system called Windows 10X. The device sports a 360-degree hinge, though it’s worth noting here that there is a physical keyboard that folds over one of the screens.

The Surface Neo won’t be available until 2020, and there is no word on pricing yet.

5)      Surface Duo

Microsoft announced the new Surface Duo, an Android phone that folds right down the middle. With dual 5.6-inch displays, Microsoft has worked in tandem with Google toward optimizing apps for the form-factor. The device will be available for retail in 2020.

6)      Surface Earbuds

Microsoft debuted a new set of wireless Surface Earbuds that support voice commands and works with all the major virtual assistants: Cortana, Alexa, Siri, Bixby, and Google Assistant. They can also translate speech in real time into around 60 languages.

Note: All prices are in US Dollars. The Indian pricing has not been confirmed yet.

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