Save more than 30% cost on On-Premise server by migrating to Cloud

Save more than 30% cost on On-Premise server by migrating to Cloud


Save more than 30% cost on On-Premise server by migrating to Cloud

With the business environment subdued there is a lot of pressure in being able to work productively from anywhere and anytime.

With offices and factories working with restrictions on attendance and public transport still not fully functional , staff attendance at offices / premises is an issue.

But work has to go on. Especially Invoicing , Purchase , Banking and other commercial functions.

Most offices have traditionally been on a LAN / Server model, where a high end PC is configured as a server and the applications and data is stored and shared though the same. There are several issues with this model:

1)      The server has to be switched on everyday and then off in the evening. This restricts the time applications and data is available for staff

2)      Even though some of the offices have got a firewall and public IP to convert this setup as a Public Cloud, the security risks associated with this access are high. This is primarily due to wrong configuration and unprofessional management of the devices.

3)      The server is a single point of failure. It goes down for whatever reason and the business processes come to a standstill

4)      Upgrade of the server in case of older technology is costly and an unnecessary investment for peak loads which may not happen very frequently.

5)      Antivirus and denial attacks can disrupt the server and data to irreparable levels and also cost a lot of time and money to get back up working

6)      Sharing of files between staff is over mails and not through the server and hence both a Data Security risk and also leads to missed data / wrong versions of data being used.

7)      Too much time managing the information and the workflow between staff

 A simple and elegant solution for running applications, storing data and sharing files is the CLOUD compute.

 Among various other advantages the most prominent ones are

1)      Pay for usage. So if presently you have 10 staff pay for compute and ram used for that. Over the next few months as your staff comes back and business scales, very quickly scale up the compute power to match the requirement of simultaneous users

2)      Secure and Reliable: In built layers of security to ensure that data is not leaked or misused. User level access control, to even more advanced VPN solutions all at the click of a button

3)      Multiple levels of redundancy : A Cloud server runs 24 x 7 and is built failure-proof. Right from power supply to bandwidth , every feature has a built in 2-3 level redundancy ensuring your applications and data is always available.

4)     Increase productivity: Staff does not have to travel. Saves time. And work can be into extended hours as per requirement as both data and apps are always on and available.

5)      Professional management of the IT infrastructure and the configuration allows more security and lesser problems for end users.

       All this helps you to focus on your Business and we take care of your all IT requirements.

      The bigger the setup/ number of users the more the savings.

      We look forward to working with you to devise the best suited solution for your business needs

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