Securing your Digital Payment information

Securing your Digital Payment information


Securing your Digital Payment information

As Digital Payment is increasing day by day, digital fraud is also increasing. For securing our digital information what we are sharing digitally or over the internet through your computer, tablet and mobile phone. We need to secure our system and data what is going through our system.

Now, Internet Banking Fraud is becoming a new trend, it is the fraud or theft committed using online technology to illegally remove money from a bank account and/or transfer money to an account in a different bank. Internet Banking Fraud is a form of identity theft and is usually made possible through techniques such as phishing.

Several tips to secure your data and system from the fraud or malicious activity:

1.       Always use genuine Anti-virus for your system to prevent it from Virus and Trojan.

2.       Avoid using public Wi-Fi and others VPN network

3.       Check your accounts regularly

4.       Don’t use others computer for Net banking.

5.       Check accounts regularly

6.       Your passwords need to secure and should not be your name or DOB.

(Your password should contain one special character, one capital letter, one small letter, one Number)

7.       Use two factor- authentication

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