Want to more about Remote Infrastructure Management?

Want to more about Remote Infrastructure Management?


Want to more about Remote Infrastructure Management?

       Almost 80% of calls from the end user at our clients are related to not being able to access applications and data. It could be emails, excel files, word files. Slow response of applications or even password expiry/ forgotten. This happens everywhere. We are able to remotely call and solve most in less than 30 minutes. This brings down the cost for our clients in several ways.

a.       One, we don’t have to travel. So the response to the problem is immediate and resolution starts.

b.       Travel and time costs of engineers/ technicians travelling is saved and we can pass it to the clients

c.       Employee productivity goes up. We even run training programs for employees , in case of any new migration or technology , to ensure they know how to efficiently use the new applications.

d.       The calls data is saved for our clients to review the performance of our team. There is an automatic escalation to senior technicians if the problem is not solved within stipulated time for that category of problem.

e.       We help our clients monitor their systems and provide  Preventive maintenance of systems both hardware and software, to ensure the life of the machines increases thus bringing down costs.

f.        The interoperability of PC/laptop, Network, server and applications is complex. One small routing issue can cause problems for all users. We ensure proper change management so that any change in configuration is recorded and the effects on the entire system are evaluated to ensure no user complaints.

g.       Repeat problems and cross learning from our clients helps us reduce the time taken to resolve issues faster. And we are developing tools to empower the users to do it themselves as well using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

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