What causes laptops and PC's to slowdown

What causes laptops and PC's to slowdown


What causes laptops and PC's to slowdown

We have got used to end-user devices like PC/laptops for our daily use. It is no longer the prestige symbol associated with corporate offices and Business. Slowly but steadily these devices have entered all areas of life at home for transactions, entertainment and investment.

A PC/ laptop essentially runs on an Operating System (Mainly Windows or Mac). This consists of literally thousands of files which are then used by applications to provide User Experience and Transactions. These "System Files" are constantly used in various processes by multiple applications when we are working on our PC/laptop.

During working day, at times, due to sudden power failure or any untoward (inappropriate)  shutdown, at times some of these "System files" which were open at that time, get corrupted. Also as we keep generating data, it is being read and written on the disk all the time. As we keep editing our files, adding, deleting and changing these files are written all over wherever space is available and then "reassembled " when we open them. And lastly, there are temporary files created by applications when they run including the all present "cookies".

These user activities cause the applications to slow down/ respond erractically over a period of time.

Nothing wrong with the machine on the hardware. Just that the issues are around:

·         Missing or Corrupted System Files

·         Defragmentation of the disk and therefore the response

·         Removing unwanted and dated files

·         At times even formatting the system to reinstall the entire Operating System. This is a drastic step and can be avoided for 3-4 years if proper maintenance and backup are performed regularly, by trained professionals.

·         Interoperability of applications and OS (Version Checked)

ePrompto helps members in maintaining the performance and health of the systems by undertaking planned maintenance using professional tools to ensure you get the best out of your investment. These may sound simple and boring activities, but go a long way in increasing the ROI of your PC/laptop.

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