Desktop As A Server

20-30 Active Employees

Multiple Accounting and Business Applications

Multiple Offices

Client Critical Data

Server Active Only During Office Hour


No One Time Expense On Hardware or Technology

No Worries of Server Upgrade as business grows

No AMC Charges, Power and UPS costs

Increased Security- 5 layers of security for confidential data

Increased Productivity- Access Anytime , Anywhere

One server for Applications and Data

Support For Employees At Home and At Office

Plans For Cloud Offering

Features Essential Plan Premium Plan Enterprise Plan
Plans start at
₹ 5500/-
per month
Plans start at
₹ 11000/-
per month
Plans start at
₹ 18000/-
per month
Essentials Storage 100 GB 300 GB 500 GB
Cloud Server 1 CPU, 4 GB Ram 2 CPU and Upto 12 GB RAM 4 CPU and Upto 20GB RAM
Helpdesk-Cloud Server
100 mbps High Speed
Internet- Data Plan
50GB 100GB 300GB
Windows Server 2016 OS
Microsoft Office
Collaboration Collaborative File
Sharing and Access Control
Individual PC/Laptop Backup
Security Dedicated Public IP
Always Available Backup
Antivirus on server
Managed Services Employee Productivity
Technology Consulting
IT Vendor Management
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In Partnership With

Why you should use cloud server?

  • Work Productivity from anywhere, anytime
  • All application & data on cloud server
  • Share files with team & Client
  • Performance tracking of user
  • Single data repository

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Advantages of Moving to Cloud


  • Share files with team & Clients
  • Single repository of all data
  • Anywhere , Anytime access
  • Reduce Load on mail box

Secure & Reliable

  • Antivirus on the server
  • Encryption of files
  • Backup of files
  • Firewall or VPN

Pay as you Grow

  • Pay for Concurrent users
  • Zip files not in use anytime soon
  • Performance tracking of server(alerts)
  • Increase server capacity overnight

Factors Affecting Application Performance On Cloud

End User

Internet Bandwidth
  • Broadband is made of 2 parts Upload speed & Download speed.
  • Download speed is at least 4 times more by all service providers to earn revenue . When you stream YouTube or read news or Gmail or Browsing it is Download speed.
  • Upload is used by business to upload document with GST Site, Gmail attachment, One Drive Backup, Data Transfer.
End User Laptop/
PC Configuration
  • Adequate RAM and CPU for the Operating System.
  • Firewall/ Antivirus blocking website.


  • Service Provider of cable/ Internet can reduce speed (throttle speed) if bill not paid or data quota of downloads is exceeded.
  • Fibre Cut.
  • If using Dongle or phone for internet,


  • Bandwidth at Data Center where server is hosted, should be 1:1 for Download and Upload.
  • Also depends on number of users simultaneously accessing the server.
  • CPU/ RAM for application should be sufficient and utilization- not more than 70%.
  • Firewall / VPN blocking some sites on ports or Antivirus blocking site


  • Jio 4 G Plan with 8GB Data
  • Broadband should be 8 Mbps-1:4 (Download: Upload)


  • For Office LAN/WAN fibre is preferred
  • Network coverage on Phone is many times poor inside office
  • Your network


  • 2 CPU/ 4GB RAM for up to 10 users

On Premise Server on LAN being made ready for cloud

Item Description Cost per month One time cost
Hardware and licenses
1 Server -PC grade machine with i5 processor and 8GB RAM ₹ 1936 ₹ 60000
2 Microsoft Server License 2019 ₹ 1549 ₹ 48000
3 Microsoft Office for Word/Excel etc ₹ 645 ₹ 20000
4 Antivirus ₹ 167 --
5 Firewall ₹ 968 ₹ 30000
Operating cost
1 Power Usage ₹ 350 --
2 Bandwidth 1500 --
3 AMC ₹ 200 --
4 Backup ₹ 200 --
Cost per Month for own private cloud server on premise ₹ 7515
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FAQ for Cloud

Cloud Collaboration

How can I access my Application on Cloud?

Tally Application can be accessed, using RDP protocol, from anywhere at anytime and using any device that supports RDP client including OS like Windows, iOS, Linux& Android.

Can We have Restrictive folder access for Users on cloud so that they can save their data in that folder?

Yes, we can have folder specific access to users. Only that user will have access to that folder and no other user will have access to it. It will be secured and Encrypted.

Can I offer my clients a secure area to upload and download files especially large files?

Yes, we can create a Folder for each client on the server where they can upload their banking statements (for accounting) or share their TALLY files (for auditing) and other working files. The administrator can then move them to the office working area for further processing.

Do I already use cloud?

Yes, your emails on GMAIL have been on a cloud server for the last 15-20 years and have all security features. NETFLIX and WhatsApp are also example of Cloud services.

Can I access ePrompto Cloud application from Mobile in case of emergency?

Yes you can access the same from Mobile (Android or iOS).

Is it possible to map server folder (working folder) on the local system if required?

Yes, Folder can be shared on Cloud Server with the appropriate permission & then the same folder can be mapped locally.

Is it possible to know which user deleted or Modified the file?

Yes, this can be possible by enabling the audit on the cloud server.

Can we create multiple users’ profile for Servers?

Yes, we can create multiple users’ profile in server as per their role (we can provide different- different access to the users & give Data access only.

Can I access of Cloud application from any other place apart from Home and Office?

Yes Absolutely. You can access from Anywhere. But You need to have Internet Connection.

Can I take Print from the Cloud server while working from home?

Yes, you can take print anytime anywhere while working from home or even while working from Office.

Can I use my DSC signature modem on Cloud server?

Yes, you can use DSC Signature and other modem software.

Data Security

Is my Data safe while in Cloud?

Yes, very much safe.
1. The Data on Server is encrypted. The Passwords and Encryption Keys are with you only.
2. For More Security, the Default ports are changed.
3. Server are behind Enterprise class Firewall.

How Backup of Data Can be Taken?

We will integrate with Google Drive or One Drive and Backup can be scheduled as required.

Is there any Data Security Agreement?

Yes, we signed Data Security Agreement.

Can I have the Details of Users logged in to the Server?

Yes, on server we have set policy to lock user in case of no activity for 10 min.
By running the LOGON and LOGOFF script we can achieve which user was logged in for how much time.

Can I use VPN if required?

Yes, we can use VPN also. For security Parameter we have several choices for you. We can implement it as per requirement.

Flexible Plans

Is Tally License Part of your cloud offering?

Tally License price is not included in subscription charges for Tally on Cloud. You need to have appropriate Tally license. We will be using your existing License on Cloud.

Can we buy only storage to Install application on Cloud?

If only Cloud storage is opted you can store only Data (Google Cloud, One Drive, Dropbox). To install app, you need compute power, RAM, CPU, HDD, Windows server.

Is Cloud server will affect my current working speed?

Yes, it will increase the performance. We are giving the 100 MBPS on Cloud Server.

While working on Cloud what if my internet goes off?

The Best part of cloud is whatever files & Applications are open remain as it is, once connection established again, you can able to see the files & Application as it is.

Are you giving us any storage?

Yes, we provide 50 GB for operations (OS) and For Storage, we will add the storage as per your requirement.

What is the bandwidth required to use cloud after Migration?

After Migration, we use RDP to connect to Cloud. You can connect through Mobile Hotspot also, not much speed required.

Is there any additional charges for Migrating existing License to Cloud?

No, we are not charging any amount for the same. It is Free.

What if I opt for 5 users and want to increase the user one or Two. How much time it will take?

For some days, if the number of concurrent users is above the threshold for more than 15 days regularly, the capacity can be increased on a Saturday or Sunday taking a couple of hours downtime. Extra charges will apply.

But for short duration usage like during the Compliance period no charges will be applicable for extra usage.

If we move our taxation software license on cloud server for some users then how other user will work?

Taxation Software license (like Tally, Compu Tax and many more) will work on one server only at a time. If you have 10 user that work on Tally. We will advise you to move 10 users on Cloud or you can do five concurrent also.

Technology Enhancement

Can I store my data in both cloud & physical Server?

Yes, we will store the cloud backup on your physical server also if you require.

How much time is required to upgrade HDD, CPU & RAM?

It will hardly take less than a day, but this would require down time. (This we can perform on non-business hours, if permissible)

It will hardly take less than a day, but this would require down time. (This we can perform on non-business hours, if permissible)

With ePrompto Cloud service, you do not need to pay for extra 1-2 users. We will not ask you for any commercials unless & until it’s affecting the server performance. Once the server utilization will go high, then only we will notify you about the charges & upgrade your plan in minimum time.

What happens to my drop Box, O365 licenses if I move to your cloud?

Dropbox is a plain file sharing service and the same can be discontinued once the present subscription is complete. As for O365, the licenses will continue and provide a lot of security. The Storage provided with the same can be used for sharing data with your clients and even backup of the application server data. Or even working offline on files.

Will my data be automatically synced with the Application server?

Yes, the same can be done using software’s like O365 -One drive, or Google Drive. But we would encourage working directly on the server.

Will Moving to Cloud Server save my license Cost of Accounting Software?


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