What is ePrompto?

ePrompto is an on-demand, in-home tech support service provided by our fully-vetted and background checked team of technicians. In addition to a complete range of in-home tech installation and support services, we also offer ePrompto Now Online Support for issues that can be resolved remotely. We're making technology in the home simple.

Do you provide technical support services for any devices related issue?

Yes. ePrompto can provide technical support service, be it any devices hardware or software related. After you log an issue via chat, email, call, online request. Our tech support pros will resolve your issue securely, remotely & quickly.

Can ePrompto connect to my computer and resolve my IT tech issue for me?

Yes. ePrompto utilizes remote assistance at no additional cost. This is the simplest and most efficient way to see and resolve any IT tech issues at hand. To resolve most issues, and to connect to your computer, a working internet connection is required. If your internet connection has stopped working, our technicians will assist you via phone.

How do you ensure security of my data?

All the remote session are recorded and checked. Even you can see all the logs used by our engineers. The remote connection is using proven and secure Zoho licence solutions.

Does ePrompto Mitra plan offer data backup services?

Yes. ePrompto offers data backup services as part of our Mitra (tech buddy) plans.

How do I get started and configure my computer for remote access?

The following steps need to done:

  1. Go to join.zoho.in
  2. Enter the session id provided by ePrompto help desk. This ID provides us single session OTP to ensure full security.
  3. Allow download of software patch.
  4. Run the software.

The session ID provided is for single use. To protect your data and privacy the above steps are to be repeated for every call. No client software is permanently installed on the system.

Are you looking at a solution to maintain your system without frequent downtimes or repairs?

Then ePrompto Mitra Your tech friend! (like Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) services for home user) will resolve all your technology problems at a fixed cost-per-annum. There will be unlimited access to our online and telephone support through-out the year.

Are you looking for Physical AMC service?

Experience new age technology remote services which are cost effective, but still more efficient than physical AMC Services

Does ePrompto provide cloud-based data backup?

Yes. Cloud-based data backup is the best option; for ease of use, reliability, and security.

How fast can technician be available?

We will start working on your problem immediately using secured remote, once the issue is logged. No need of home visit and scheduling issues.

As a Mitra do you provide assistance in procuring new devices or upgrading existing ones?

Yes as a registered Mitra you can query us on any aspect of a new hardware or software for compatibility, use, performance or upgrade recommendations. That is included in the service on phone, mail or online ticket. For example your gaming software not working sufficiently fast or the internet connection leading to “buffering” in a particular area.

Where are ePrompto support technicians located?

All of our technicians are located in India at our office in Mumbai. In fact, all ePrompto employees work out of our Mumbai office.

Are ePrompto technicians going to be able to fix my issue or answer my questions effectively?

Absolutely. All ePrompto technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about all supported technologies.

Are ePrompto technicians certified?

While most of our technicians have at least one industry standard certifications, it is not a requirement. We find that certifications alone aren't an honest indicator of how knowledgeable a technician is. Anyone can cram for and pass a certification test. We value actual education, experience, knowledge and skills above all else. Our interviewing process goes in depth to discover these things along with how well they convey, communicate and present themselves.

What brands of products does ePrompto support?

We support all consumer brands such as DEll,HP,Lenovo etc.

Can ePrompto connect to my computer and resolve my problem for me?

Yes. We at ePrompto utilize remote tools to solve your problem.

How long will it take to resolve my problem?

This varies depending on the nature and seriousness of the problem. A resolution of a basic issue may take as ten minutes, although most issues will take longer than that. More complex issues can feasibly take an hour or longer depending on a variety of factors. For example, malware removal takes on average anywhere from 2 – 3 hours to completely resolve. ePrompto works as efficiently as possible to resolve issues and answer questions. We’ll be quick, however we will never forfeit the quality of the work that we provide.

Will ePrompto replace parts for my computer or other devices?

Yes. ePrompto can resolve issues that require physical repair. We provide replacements for all brands.

Can ePrompto fix my internet if there is an outage at my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

Yes. ePrompto will assist you to manage the connection between your ISP and your home.

Will ePrompto technicians visit my home?

Yes, ePrompto offers remote technical assistance via the phone or internet. However if your issue is still not resolved our technician will visit your home and solve the problem.

Can ePrompto access my computer after the remote session has ended?

No. The session is monitored continuously and is closed with the customer’s approval. After disconnection there is no way for us to access your system.

What are your days and hours of operation?

Monday – Saturday from 10 AM – 7 PM IST.

What kinds of technology does ePrompto support for my home?

ePrompto offers technical assistance for all computers and computer related devices in your home such as desktops, laptops,smartphones, tablets, routers, modems,software applications, printers.

What type of issues does ePrompto support?

Some common issues that ePrompto supports include:

  1. Virus/Spyware/Malware removal
  2. PC Tune-Up (fixing computer slowness)
  3. Software installation and troubleshooting
  4. Internet connectivity – computers, smartphones, tablets, routers
  5. Printer installation and troubleshooting
  6. Email and Outlook assistance
  7. Data backup
  8. And many more

What operating systems does ePrompto provide support for?

We fully support Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Mac OS X 10.5 and above. Additionally, ePrompto supports mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS (iPhone & iPad).

Is there a limit to the amount of devices or issues that I can receive assistance for?

No. Unlike other services, ePrompto has no limit on the amount of your devices that we support or the amount of issues that you may present to us, except in rare cases. Please do note, however, that your support will be limited to devices that you own.

Which remote software will be used?

We use licensed Zoho Software to access your systems.

How much do ePrompto services cost?

Please visit the Home page for pricing info.

Are there any hidden fees or taxes associated with the cost?

No. The prices stated on our website or the prices provided by a ePrompto representative are exactly what you pay.

How can I pay for ePrompto service?

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. We also accept cash, check, NEFT etc.

Do ePrompto support plans automatically renew?

No. You will be contacted, before the removal of the plan.

Will the price of my service ever go up?

No, the prices will never go up. Depending on your usage you may also be provided a discount.

Is my personal information, including card information, secure?

ePrompto takes extraordinary measures to ensure that all customer data is stored securely and that card information is transferred in the most secure way possible.

How do I update my personal information that is on file, such as credit card, billing information, etc.?

Please call us and a ePrompto representative will be happy to update your information.

Am I able to cancel my service?

Yes. ePrompto home support plans have no obligation past your current support period.

For example: if you have got an annual unlimited subscription, you'd merely ought to cancel before your next request date.

If I cancel my service prior to my next billing date, will ePrompto provide a prorated refund?

No. ePrompto does not provide prorated refunds. If you cancel before your current support period ends, you will still receive service for the rest of that time frame. The mitra plan would not automatically renew going forward.

Is there a cancellation fee?

No. ePrompto home support plans do not have any extra cancellation fees if you no longer need the service.

Can I change the billing date of my service?

Yes. If you find going forward that a different bill date is more convenient for you, please simply call us and we’ll be happy to work with you to make it a different date each month or year.

Can I put my service on hold if I do not currently have any supported technology?

No. The validity will be yearly.

How do I cancel my ePrompto service?

Please call us and a ePrompto representative will be able to assist you with the cancellation process.

If ePrompto processes a refund, how long does it take for the funds to be returned me?

No, we will not provide any refunds for cancellation of services.

Does ePrompto offer data backup services?

Yes. ePrompto offers data backup services.

Is ePrompto data backup cloud based?

Yes. We offer Cloud based as well as Offline backup solutions.

Why is cloud data backup better than traditional data backup methods?

Cloud data backup securely makes a copy of your important data to a secure location on the internet for easy recovery in the event that something happens to your computer.

Does the data backup service have the option to backup photos and videos from my mobile device (smartphones and tablets)?

Yes. The data backup mobile app can be installed and set to automatically back up your photos and videos to the cloud.

What if I need a service without buying a plan?

You can become a member. We will solve your first problem, without buying a plan.

How do I report a grievance issue related to eprompto services?

You can call us on 022-27814905 or write to us at helpdesk@eprompto.com to report your grievances. We value your feedback immensely.

Do you give warranty on the device after fixing?

ePrompto utilizes all genuine spare parts for servicing the systems. The warranty period will be specified as per the manufacturer's discretion.

What is the validity of the Mitra Membership?

Mitra Membership is valid for 365 days from the account activation.

I bought a new device, can I transfer my mytra plan membership to my new device?

This membership includes all the device in your home mitra membership by default. So even if you replace your device, we will include the new device in the membership at no additional cost.

How do I become a member of eprompto?

Steps for becoming a member of eprompto:

  1. You can register on our website
  2. There are two options - either using mitra or mitra+ home membership; if you are looking for business plans please get in touch with us at 022-27814905
  3. Click on get started under the plan which you have choosen & fill in your details
  4. Then you will be redirected to the payment page, confirm your payment and you will become a ePrompto member successfully

How to raise a ticket?

Login at https://www.eprompto.com/account

  1. Choose your device.
  2. Click on "New Ticket" button
  3. Enter short description of your issue
  4. Enter your preferred contact number and click on "OK"

How frequently should I update windows patches?

It is recommended to install Security Updates in Windows as soon as they are available. Security Updates include Security and privacy updates, reliability updates and compatibility updates.

Optional Updates that contain new features can be installed as per your convenience.

What precautions to take before updating?

Always make sure to read the description of the update before installing it. Some updates may break the workflow of existing applications, so it is recommended to read about it on the application developer’s website.

How to revertback to the previous update?

To do this, open the Settings app and then click the “Update & security” option. On the “Update & security” screen, switch to the “Windows Update” tab, and then click the “Update history” link.

On the “View your update history” screen, click the “Uninstall updates” link. Next, you’ll see a history of recent updates sorted by installation date. Select the update you want to remove, and then click the “Uninstall” button.

What is the Difference between security and optional patches?

Security updates include Security and privacy updates, reliability updates, updates for detection of non-genuine Microsoft software. Optional updates include updated device drivers from non-Microsoft companies and new features for the Windows OS and Microsoft software.

How often does Windows Update check for new updates?

You can always check for updates manually via Windows Update, but it does happen automatically every day. Windows Update checks for updates randomly, every 17 to 22 hours. Also there is a mandatory security update release on the second Tuesday of every month.