Worried about Data and System protection
in Connected world?

Prevent, Detect and Remove Computer Malware

Auto Scan for virus before downloading

Manage User Access to Internet

Policy based implementation across Devices

Safe Banking Transactions

Increases productivity by ensuring uptime of device

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Security Services

Growing Business Rapidly with Employees at Multiple Locations – Secure your access and usage

Centrally Monitor all Servers, Network and End User Devices

Update Systems and Protocols

Implement Policies across Organisation

IT Security Audit

Periodic Checks and Policy revision

Confidential MIS on User Behaviour

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Worried about Personnel Productivity?
(whether in Office or WFH environment)

Monitor users remotely and Increase the personnel efficacy

Monitor Usage by Application

Logon/Logoff Activity of any Employee

Keystrokes and Screen recording

Protect your company from illegal activity

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Can I get easy, prompt & reliable support on
my IT issues from my device?

ITAM: Your on-device support for IT issue resolution, getting device details and its utilisation, etc.

One Software for all IT Problems

An enabler for ease in WFH & Online Learning - solve your printer or computer issues in a click

Know the utilization of your CPU, RAM

Which Software are allowed/ installed

Auto Ticketing

Increase availability of IT assets

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Norton 360

Multiple layers of protection for your device and online
privacy – all in a single solution.

One solution to protect your devices

Provides protection against viruses, spyware, malware and other online attacks

Maintains your privacy, no matter what device you are using

Avoids unsafe websites and suspicious downloads

Lets you add more protection as you get more devices

Easily locates lost or stolen smartphones and tablets

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Tighten IT Controls with ease of implementation and monitoring!

Ease the Burden of IT Auditing

30% savings on SOC budgets

User Behaviour Monitoring and Restrictions

Faster Response to Incidents

Automated Compliance reports save time and money

Auto Detect Confidential Data

Integration with DLP tools

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Worried about Data Back up and its

Backup your On-Premise and Cloud based
Data with Instant Recovery with Veeam

Instant File Recovery

Fast, Flexible and Reliable Backup

Smooth Integration

Off- Site Backup Made easy

Agentless Software

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Sophos DLP (Data Loss Prevention)

All Data Is Sensitive in an ever Connected World

Evolve Policies as per Business needs

Ease of Policy Implementation

Easy Integration with Mailing and Data Sharing systems

User Behaviour Analytics

Lower Security Budgets with Automation

Immediate compliance with data protection regulations

We integrate content scanning into the threat detection engine and include a comprehensive set of sensitive data type definitions to enable immediate protection of your sensitive data
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Sophos Nxt Gen Firewall

VPN Access and Control On Centralised Data

Protect On Premise Servers and Data

Ensure No Surprises with Unknown Threats

Quickly Isolate Infected Systems

Secure Remote workers

Reduce load on Servers and Applications

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