Here are easy ways to make the most of working at home with o365

Here are easy ways to make the most of working at home with o365


Here are easy ways to make the most of working at home with o365

1.      Be there with immediate messaging (IM)—Immediate messaging has two big benefits for telecommuters.

a.      it makes it possible for co-workers to reach you instantaneously, blasting any preconceived notions that you’re lounging poolside or at the movies.

b.      IM also keeps at-home workers from feeling isolated.

Years of study has found that the live, synchronous nature of IM enhances people’s feelings of presence, belonging and emotional well-being.

Software like Zoom & Skype, allowing for real-time contact on a moment’s notice—complete with emoticons. It’s less formal, more conversational and faster than a phone call.

2.      Bad internet? Go mobile—Sometimes you can get stuck with sketchy internet service, depending on where you live.

Luckily, we have Wi-Fi hotspots and broadband data plans have made the possibility of a mobile workforce a reality. Add to that the fact that many popular, top-of-the-line tools are now accessible on your mobile device. That includes office applications that let you create, edit and share from your PC/Mac or your iOS, Android or Windows device with anyone in real-time. That makes it easy to have a mobile backup plan if your internet isn’t as reliable as it should be.

3.      Be fluid. But know when to say when—A happy telecommuter knows when to call it a day—and it appears the newest generation of workers recognize that.

If you think about it, traditional office workers aren’t required to run back to the office to answer calls or have meetings. The beauty of working at home is the flexibility it offers, like the ability to pick your kids up from school or head to the gym during your workday.

4.      Stay connected socially—Not all business takes place at the office. Grabbing some appetizers at happy hour, eating lunch or sharing coffee and be seen, it’s also an important way to connect with colleagues and supervisors. Bonding over a meal can help build cohesiveness in a work team and establish friendships, while offering you a chance to relax and do some casual networking.

5.      Make the most of your company’s software—Products like Office 365, Skype for Business, One drive and Windows Phone have helped build a more productive work-at-home environment. Good software will help you make the most of connecting with your teams in real-time via conferencing, IM, video and sharing, while also taking advantage of advanced security and compliance tools, interactive reports, simpler dashboards and compelling data visualizations.

While many workers once used telecommuting to supplement their full-time in-office job, more and more people are using it as a replacement for being in the office, it’s more important than ever to have the right tools to make your work-at-home experience flexible, productive and successful.

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