Pros & Cons of Password Manager

Pros & Cons of Password Manager


Pros & Cons of Password Manager

Nowadays, we use so many social media websites, we don't remember each & every website passwords. For ease of use, we use Password Manager, let's have a look what is password manager, what is pros $ cons of it-

Password managers are tools for managing and saving passwords in encrypted form. By using a password manager, you can have hundreds of strong passwords without having to remember them. The only password you will need to remember is the master password so you can log in to your password manager application.

In addition, many programs not only serve as a storage location, but can also generate secure passwords. To do this, the tools provide features that allow you to create passwords randomly, eliminating the hassle of creating a safe and complex password.

So, before deciding whether or not we should use a password manager, we should be familiar with their pros and cons. This way we’ll also get an insight into how they function.

Pros of Password Manager

1. Helps you with creating and storing complex passwords

With so many websites and platforms require passwords to access your account, you cannot remember all of them. Using a password manager saves you from having to memorize them. Because of this, you will be able to create very complex passwords in a secure format and thus difficult to hack. A password containing lowercase, uppercase, special characters, numbers which mean nothing is almost impossible to circumvent.

2. Share access without revealing passwords

Faced with the proliferation of online accounts, sharing passwords is a real productivity booster. This is one of the most important pro for password management software users. It puts an end to the copy / paste of ID / CDM in the chat. User accounts are synchronized in real time, allowing an employee to log in to an online account immediately after their colleague has added it to the tool.

3. Administer all passwords centrally

This feature makes it possible to centralize all accesses in one place, to update them and to assign them to employees according to their needs.

Some Other advantages Include:

  • It allows you to see all the accounts you have on the web.
  • It can auto-complete, that is automatically enter the corresponding password when you connect to a website.
  • Storing all your passwords in a secure way
  • It can generate passwords for you to save you time when you sign up on a site.

Cons of Password Manager

Having all your passwords stored in one system is the equivalent of writing them all down on paper and then storing them in a vault. If for any reason the vault has any vulnerability or is hacked, all your passwords will be exposed at the same time.

1. A single point of failure

This con comes with the territory. You have to keep in mind the main master password to access all your passwords. But if you forget it, you might lose access to all your passwords at once. You will have no other way to recover it. You will have to recreate an account.

2. Cannot save you from specific threats

An attacker can install a keystroke-logger program on a device. In which case, any data including user’s master password or accounts on all sites are recorded and sent to the attacker’s servers without the knowledge of the user.

Some other disadvantages include:

  • It might not support all your browsers and devices.
  • The tool can be rather expensive.
  • Forgetting master password could be a hassle.

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