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Solve your Technology issues with eprompto

Solve your Technology issues with eprompto


Solve your Technology issues with eprompto

Technology has grown simpler and easier to keep you connected with your loved ones over video, chat and mails. But that’s where technical/ technology challenges frustrate you

When your software is not working and you have to submit a report to your office

You scramble and try to call a technician. He is a couple of hours away and by then it would be dinnertime. You are not sure If it can be fixed even then…last time the problem reoccurred after 2 days and you had to wait for an entire day and pay again…

So, here is a solution for it ePrompto tech Mitra

Why should you wait for the technician to come and resolve your problems?

ePrompto – an easy, reliable, trustworthy Tech Friend (Mitra). A remote technical solution to any technology issues.

ePrompto tech Mitra can provide remote advice on infra configuration in a secure and prompt manner for all these issues. No need of any appointment and pre-scheduled visit.

Why ePrompto tech Mitra?

Most break fix shops and establishments will fix a hardware problem on your PC/ laptop. But then you have a network at home, Wi-Fi, a smart TV, and multiple phones which connect to Wi-Fi and of course your parents on their tablets.

The basic requirement for us to rectify this issue is access to the device. For decades our biggest IT companies provide this service to US, Europe and other countries “Remotely” from Bangalore, Hyderabad etc.

We all know this and how they achieve this. By using reliable and high bandwidth at the end user premises.

With the advent of “Broadband” in India the reliability and availability of bandwidth is no longer an issue. And hence we can use the same technology used by our “Enterprise Companies” for the home and small business segment.

The advantage of remote technology is that we can start work on solving the problem/ issue immediately. No need to schedule a physical visit by any AMC engineer. Also, since we start early, we can resolve your problem faster and help you to get back to your work/ applications.

Another advantage is we maintain history of problems faced by user and particular devices. This helps us diagnose the problem better and if it is a Repeat problem, we will find a root cause and provide advice for permanent solution. It is just like your blood test / medical report when you go to a doctor.

At ePrompto, we have developed a SECURE and RELIABLE platform to transparently solve your issues. We use genuine software and hardware and hence YOU PAY AFTER PROBLEM IS RESOLVED.

So, come join us as we help each other enjoy the applications and content, responsibly.


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