Work from Home professionals- Technical issues

Work from Home professionals- Technical issues


Work from Home professionals- Technical issues

The most important tool of a person working from home is his / her Laptop and the internet connection.

Mails, Chats, video conferencing all are active most of the day…your whole business depends on the same.

And then the laptop breaks down and you lose data of clients, your personal bank details, transaction details and your photos… everything you worked for...

Excuses may not help. So, find a solution rather than wasting time on complaining.

What you need is a cloud backup, and a strong antivirus. You need regular maintenance to ensure your devices work harder for you and longer for you.

That’s where ePrompto remote management services help you when you need them.

ePrompto tech Mitra helps in configure all these and provides safe and secure remote sessions to ensure your devices and applications are working and safe. No need of any appointment and pre-scheduled visit.

Why ePrompto tech Mitra?

Most break fix shops and establishments will fix a hardware problem on your PC/ laptop. But then you have a network at home, Wi-Fi, a smart TV, and multiple phones which connect to Wi-Fi and of course your parents on their tablets.

Whom to call to fix a software bug or a virus attack or a slow connection

Whom to trust that they will not just take off with the money

And why do we need people to schedule a visit home- we have reliable bandwidth, and all corporate offices work remotely. What even all big IT companies solve problems in US/ Europe sitting in back offices in India…how are they doing it…

Why can’t we have remote sessions to solve my day to day issues…

Well now you can because of ePrompto tech Mitra. We have experienced engineers, trusted and secure sessions and best you pay after your problem is resolved!

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