Working from Home/ Co working spaces - For Technical issues

Working from Home/ Co working spaces - For Technical issues


Working from Home/ Co working spaces - For Technical issues

A large and growing work force is working from home. These consist of Freelancers, Insurance agents, HR consultants, Process Management Consultants. Typically they would work from Home or from Co working spaces. Limited in budgets and time there IT assets including laptops, data cards, hard disks, USB sticks and backups are a lifeline. 

An important one ePrompto Tech Mitra can help them to connect remotely and periodically maintain their machines so that the overtime degradation in services and response is avoided. This happens due to multiple processes being run simultaneously over a period of time. Some Operating system and other files get corrupted due to sudden shutdown, power loss , or just plain hurriedly running from one meeting to another.

The data on the machines is the lifeline of this very large workforce across cities. Any loss can be disastrous as recovery from mails, clients and associates is not just time consuming but even embarrassing. ePrompto Mitra will help and configure backups in the background without affecting the performance of the machines.

A lot many times the cloud applications being used by these professionals are updated by the OEM’s. For example a HDFC bank application will open only on a certain version of the browser, or it requires a specific safety patch to do digital transactions. It’s impossible to find out and patch every time for these professionals who are in a hurry most of the time. There time is the major resource. ePrompto can take a remote session when there is a lull in there work schedules, and while they have their coffee break, the machine get’s fixed. Win – Win

ePrompto Tech Mitra remembers it’s members, their preference of time and the applications they use, the browsers they prefer. And all this SECURELY as each member can audit transparently what commands were used and what activity took place in the tickets generated.

And all this at an annual cost of Rs 499/-  Any materials used, you pay after satisfied with performance that you desired. We use only genuine parts and licensed softwares.


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