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Is my Data safe while in Cloud?

Yes, very much safe.
1. The Data on Server is encrypted. The Passwords and Encryption Keys are with you only.
2. For More Security, the Default ports are changed.
3. Server are behind Enterprise class Firewall.

How Backup of Data Can be Taken?

We will integrate with Google Drive or One Drive and Backup can be scheduled as required.

Can I have the Details of Users logged in to the Server?

Yes. On server we have set policy to lock user in case of inactivity for 10 min.

By running the LOGON and LOGOFF script we can achieve which user was logged in for how much time.

How do I access My Cloud Application?

Tally Application can be accessed, using RDP protocol, from anywhere at anytime and using any device that supports RDP client including OS like Windows, iOS, Linux & Android.

Is Tally License Part of your cloud offering?

Tally License price is not included in subscription charges for Tally on Cloud. You need to have appropriate Tally license. We will be using your existing License on Cloud.

Are there any additional charges for Migrating existing License to Cloud?

NO. We do not Charge any amount for the same. It is Free.

Can I access Cloud application from any other place apart from Home and Office?

Yes Absolutely. You can access from Anywhere. But You need to have Internet Connection.

Can We have Restrictive folder access for Users on cloud so that they can save their data in that folder?

Yes we can have folder specific access to users. Only that particular user will have access to that folder and no other user will have access to it. It will secured and Encrypted.

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