Just one Cloud based portal for your
IT Management.


Reduce Costs

Optimize your IT spends by Auto discovery of your Assets and spare inventory.

Increase Value

Automate and Reduce your IT tasks from a central control desk.

Be Secure

Find the weak spots in IT ecosystem and eliminate them by timely updates and much more.

IT Asset are part of the organization's information technology infrastructure.

It include software’s, hardware’s like laptops, desk tops, servers, keyboards, mouse, routers, switches,etc.

For any business, these IT Assets are allocated to multiple users who could be in different departments, set-ups or locations across the globe.

The IT Asset management (ITAM) is a “technique” that automatically discovers and brings control of all your assets (unlimited numbers and at multiple locations) from a cloud based central station/desk.

Once the Asset is “auto discovered’ it captures all the features and changes over the lifecycle of the Assets.

Some of the functions provided by ePrompto (ITAM) are

  • Auto discovery of your complete asset details like current asset value, allocated user, maintenance history, installed software’s with versions, real time location.
  • It also has an inbuilt ticketing tool, does automatic updates, patch management, web blockers, monitoring compliance, product warranties, alerts and many more.
  • These features are configurable to suit your business needs.

  • All these functions are accessed from the ePrompto member cloud portal.

    Once the Asset is “auto discovered’ it captures all the features and changes over the lifecycle of the Assets.

    • Visibility of IT inventory at multiple locations, Unused Assets - Optimizes IT procurement Spends
    • Automates regular preventive maintenance tasks/ Patch updates. - Ensures Security and Safety at all times
    • Increases IT tasks efficiency multi fold/ Remote access - Make the IT environment reliable

    A comprehensive ITAM practice like ePrompto ensures that IT assets are available to deliver optimum business value while reducing operational costs.

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